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You should also top up fluid levels with deionized water, as well as add an electrolyte conditioner. This conditioner can be a powder that you need to be able to purchase from a car elements store, or even failing in which online. If you cannot find a strengthener, then a tsp of Epsom salt will make a similar result.

The specs of a battery could be very confusing; it is important to be sure to seek information, rather then relying solely on the salesman. The last issue you would like is investing in a battery with the wrong dimensions, thus measure the sized the battery so that it fits into your own golf cart. Wholesale Deep Cycle Batteries Learn how far you'll be driving, the length of time and how quickly. Batteries come with a 'number of hours'; however this determine is not in keeping with everyone, as if you like to drive fast in that case your battery will free power quicker.

Two batteries which can be the same existing, type and have the same amp time, however differ in weight signifies that the lighter in weight one is missing some elements the other one has. Wiring more than 15 batteries within the same car may result in electrical problems and high maintenance. Nonetheless depending on your automobile, some batteries can weigh 50 percent a ton and will be costly and hard to transport and install. Take into account transportation, weight and installment when selecting your own deep cycle battery.

A few times following 36 openings of golfing, my battery charge indicator is flashing, which means, it could die at any moment. This is what you aren't suppose to do. It is not a good thing when you see the particular battery charge sign flashing. This is whats called a deep discharge and this apply can cut short the life of your batteries. And in some cases in the event you run the particular batteries down totally, you will have trouble re-charging them. Deep cycle batteries take some bit of demand left to consider a charge from the battery charger.

The purchase price is dependent on Three factors; how much you are willing to pay, exactly how heavy your own golf cart is and lastly the caliber of the battery. Initially you should determine the price range, because batteries range from as low as $70 for a cheap brand, up to $400 for any top quality battery. If you have a very light cart you will not require the maximum amount of power and a cheaper battery may run your own cart all right, however the life of the battery may be short lived. For those who have a heavy golf cart you will require a lot more power and will also be paying much more. Even if the battery does not have a warranty, it may be purchased separately to the battery; nonetheless a quality battery are going to long overcome its guarantee.

Unfortunately they may be expensive to acquire, so if you are continuing to keep your cost down what should you do? Try tracking down someone that reconditions batteries, they could have some available that you could obtain cheaper than if they were new. Another likelihood is finding discarded deep cycle batteries that you might get for free of charge and find a person to recondition them for you personally.

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